Rescue Purrfect

Finding Purrfect Homes For Rescued Felines



We are currently looking for volunteers throughout the week to assist in various areas of animal care taking  as well as our surgery days to assist with:
– Recovery
– Intake
– Discharge of animals
– Prep                                                                                                                                                        – Other duties for the spaying and neutering of the animals

This is a great opportunity for vet students looking for intern work or to accumulate hours for school credit.


While we are seeking people with an interest in vet tech the only experience we require for most of our volunteer work is a LOVE for animals and a PASSION to help the community. Our work at the clinic assists the community by allowing them the opportunity to have their animals vetted when they are normally unable to afford it. The clinic also helps keep the pet population down by providing the community with TNR (trap, neuter, release) of unwanted animals which in turn keeps these animals and the community healthier.

If you are interested please contact 215-639-6100 or email



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