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Programs & Projects

At Rescue Purrfect, we do so much more than creating a safe environment for adoptions. We are a 501(c)(3) animal welfare and educative organization.

No Kill Shelter
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SInce 2013, we have been dedicated to the needs of often forgotten, neglected, ignored, and abused animals and the people who give their time and effort to help those animals find safe happy homes. All cats are welcome here. We serve as many people as possible, serving pets that other rescues often deny service for being "unadoptable pets." 

Core Creek Park Iniciative
Image by Craig McLachlan

In 2016, the Rescue Purrfect partnered with several local and national organizations to address the man-made public health crisis that was Core Creek County Park in Middletown Township, PA. This public park was home to over 500 cats that through the years were abandoned and dumped, leaving many to reproduce uncontrollably. Working with Greater Good, Red Rover, Easel, among other organizations, the Rescue Purrfect was a key part of a massive project to spay and neuter all 500 cats, adopt out the friendly cats, and provide insulated shelters and daily feeding to the remaining 200 cats that were returned to the park as a controlled colony. Years later, volunteers from Rescue Purrfect continue to feed park animals daily, look out for newly abandoned cats, and keep an eye on any medical issues that need to be addressed at the clinic.

Career Education Services

Presentation of programs designed to educate those wanting to enter a career in animal welfare services that include rescue operations, vet technicians, and doctors of veterinarian medicine, as well as other career opportunities.  We offer externships with on-site boarding for those already in veterinary medical schooling.

Community Education Programs

We are in the developmental stage of creating community education-awareness presentations, workshops, and courses to be offered at our new Bensalem location, Paw Print Village.  We are in the midst of creating a community center for educational outreach to the local community that will involve many salient topics regarding safe rescue procedures, local laws and regulations, viable spay and neuter information, general health and well-being for pets, and other topics related to animal care.

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