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Bryn Athyn 6

The Bryn Athyn Six- It takes a Village

Last fall, Rescue Purrfect received a call to help trap a momma cat and her kittens. They were living under a shed in Bryn Athyn.  One of our experts in trapping or shall I say “The Expert” was sent out to assess the situation.  She was able to trap one kitten, which we were able to place into a loving home. She had to release the momma to feed the other kitten in the field that we were not able to trap.

The momma cat eventually came back to the shed with her other kitten and we went out again.  We were able to safely trap the kitten and a now pregnant momma cat.  The woman that had called us agreed to keep the kitten, momma, and her new liter until they were old enough to be weaned.

The Bryn Athyn Six are now at our rescue.  Their momma and older sibling are now in their forever home with the woman that originally alerted us to the situation.

This is a perfect example of the rescue’s dedication to partnering with the community to help save felines.  We continued to work the Bryn Athyn situation until the cats were safe.   Most importantly, we could not have saved all of these little lives had it not been for the kind soul that made the phone call and agreed to foster the kittens until they were ready for adoption.  It truly takes a village of committed volunteers that are willing to dedicate their time to trapping, fostering, feeding, nurturing, and socializing felines to ensure that our mission “Finding Purrfect Homes For Felines” is carried out.

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