Rescue Purrfect

Finding Purrfect Homes For Rescued Felines

Thank You to Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic

Rescue Purrfect would like to thank  Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic.  They donated medical equipment to our sister, non-profit, The Bridge Clinic.   Thanks to their generosity, The Bridge Clinic will be able to make a larger impact by expanding their offering of  affordable services with the use of the donated equipment.


A few weeks ago we introduced you to Gigi. This sweet girl actually jumped into our truck while we were out doing a TNR project. Gigi is the result of a growing epidemic in Philadelphia. When she found us, she was covered in wounds and scars. She was in poor shape and starving. More than…

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Check out our Upcoming Events

Rescue Purrfect will be hosting an Adoption and Microchip/Rabies Event on Sunday, March 5th from 11am to 4pm at The Bridge Clinic, 2820 Old Lincoln Highway, Suite 1A, Trevose, PA.  Rabies and Microchip must have an appointment.  Please contact 215-639-3333 to schedule an appointment. Rescue Purrfect and The Bridge Clinic will be hosting a Designer Bag BINGO with Knights…

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Love at First Sight

I know what you are going to think.  I am going to talk about this handsome orange tabby I met 10 years ago or this sleek black feisty girl I came upon in my aunt’s yard over a year ago.  Yes, I have loved all of my furry felines since the day I took them…

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Why we do what we do

Rescue Purrfect was working with another rescue on a small TNR project in the local community.  We came across Scarface.  No, he wasn’t scary like Al Pacino’s iconic character in the 1983 movie.  He just had just a huge wound on the side of his neck and face that exposed ligaments and tendons.  If left…

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