Rescue Purrfect

Finding Purrfect Homes For Rescued Felines


You just never know…..

box kittens 1The Box Kittens

Bruno, Bonnie and Bandit

On a hot afternoon, we received an emergency visit from a kind soul who had found a duct taped box on the side of a busy road. Upon further inspection, she discovered there were 3 tiny kittens inside! All 3 were barely alive.

We took a bunch of emergency measures to revive these babies and remove the hundreds of fleas that were slowly killing these tiny 3 week old babies. At this point, they went sent to an experience foster family with a prayer. All 3 suffered from multiple parasites, illnesses and failure to thrive. The biggest, Bruno, could not suckle on a bottle and require syringe feedings. Her eye infection was so bad that we weren’t sure whether she could see. Bonnie was not able to walk very well. Bandit was the smallest and suffered from some sort of abnormalities while developing. Their foster family worked around the clock to keep them alive. Sadly, Bandit succumbed to his illness and we lost him.




Bonnie and Bruno continued on their struggle growing and developing. After multiple illnesses as well as the discovery of Bruno having deformed front paws and deformities in her back legs, the girls were ready for their spay surgeries. During Bruno’s spay, the veterinarian realized she also had a significant heart murmur and she struggled through the surgery.  Once again defying odds, Bruno made it. She is a fighter.  Nothing was going to get her down. She was taken to a cardiologist where we discovered she also has a hole in her heart. Once again against all odds, this lovable girl was strong and playful.


We never thought the day would come but at 7 months old her perfect family came along and she was adopted! Bonnie was adopted by her foster family where she helps new foster kittens adjust. These kittens made it against all odds. They became extraordinary examples of strength and love. They are perfect examples of “if you see something weird check it out”. You never know whose life you might save.

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