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Finding Purrfect Homes For Rescued Felines

Sometimes it is not always a Happy Ending…. or is it?

I am not one to just tip toe into the water.  I jump in, so when a woman with a pregnant mom cat outside her house emailed requesting help.  I said why not.  I was new to the rescue, but wanted to start fostering.  Yes, my first foster was a pregnant “feral” mom cat that would soon be called “Momma B”.  I was scared, but I knew my Rescue Purrfect family was there to support me every step.  She was trapped and they knew the babies were coming soon, so I quickly brought her home and set her up in a secluded room in my house.


Momma and her babies on day one.

The babies came the next day.  It was nerve racking, but I made it through the first few days and that is when we discovered something was wrong.  Mom was rejecting the babies and three of them died within two weeks.   It was then that I learned how to bottle feed a kitten.  After having my fourth child, I thought I was done waking up in the middle of the night for feedings.  Two years later and I am setting my alarm clock to feed this little guy now known as Griffin (we are Harry Potter fans).  Griffin grew strong and was very playful.


He was so very tiny about four weeks.

Sadly, we discovered Momma B was FELV positive and most likely her little baby boy was positive.


Loved to help me with my computer work.

We knew they had a short time with us, so we would make the most of it.  Momma B was still scared, but Griffin had no fears.  He loved my dogs, would play for hours with my kids.  We even took him to see the Shadybrook Light Show.  He learned how to High-Five, play hide and seek, and watch TV, which could be quite annoying.   He played with our dogs.



Watching the Shadybrook Light Show


A few weeks ago, we noticed he wasn’t as playful and his appetite was slowing down.  We knew the FELV had taken a hold of him.  Despite our efforts, he did not make it.  Once again as they always had been our Rescue Purrfect family was there to comfort and support us.  While it wasn’t the happy ending that I had envisioned when I decided to foster, it was still a happy ending because Griffin had an awesome year with my family.   And we hope that Momma B finds her perfect family and make it truly a happy ending for everyone.


Please see our Facebook Post about Momma B.  We are offering free medical care at The Bridge Clinic for Life as well as a one year supply of cat food, lysine, and litter.

Momma B Snuggling




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