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One Handsome Boy

In 2016, Rescue Purrfect along with other rescues removed approximately 500 cats from Core Creek Park in Middletown, PA in a large TNR(Trap, Neuter, Release) program.  We returned approximately 200 cats back into the park to be maintained by our volunteers.  Unfortunately, a majority of these cats could not be adopted as they were too feral and there simply wasn’t enough room at the local shelters.  It was more humane to release them back to their familiar territory under the watchful eye of the appointed feeders/volunteers.  The remaining cats were adopted out through our rescue and other rescues.  Our regular feeders at the park became very familiar with this adorable tabby appropriately nicknamed, Handsome.

During their regular feeding sessions, one of our volunteers noticed that Handsome was not well.  Our director went out and trapped the favorite Core Creek feral.  He had a wound on his hip that required an operation, which was performed at The Bridge Clinic.  Handsome’s recovery was not easy.  He had to be force fed, but he was a fighter and he survived.  All of our volunteers fell in love with him and refused to return him to the park.


He found his forever home and will be spending the rest of his days snuggling with his brother from another mother.

Our TNR+ program works.  Not only does TNR stop the overpopulation of cats, but our management of the community cat colonies keeps the area clean and maintains the health of the cats in the colonies.  Our watchful feeders saved Handsome from suffering and potentially dying from an injury that was easily treatable.

Handsome at Core Creek Park

admin • September 4, 2017

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