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A few weeks ago we introduced you to Gigi.


This sweet girl actually jumped into our truck while we were out doing a TNR project. Gigi is the result of a growing epidemic in Philadelphia. When she found us, she was covered in wounds and scars.



She was in poor shape and starving. More than likely she came from a backyard breeder or a fighting ring. Additionally, it was apparent that Gigi had given birth to puppies at some point.


It is common for backyard breeders to force dogs to give birth, often for the purpose of adding more dogs to the fighting rings.

We are not sure how she got out; sometimes these poor dogs are simply dumped when they are no longer “useful”. Overall, both fighting rings and backyard breeding remain a problem and can be hard to locate due to their secretive nature, making it difficult for authorities to take action.

We at Rescue Purrfect have zero tolerance for animal abuse or abusers. With us, Gigi is safe and looking for a great forever home. GiGi will be undergoing intensive training to right the wrongs that she has seen in her life. She is high energy , but the most loving girl we have ever met and the added training we will be providing will ensure that she is a well rounded, disciplined pet . The right adopter will have to have extra time on their hands to provide a lot of attention to this young girl. If you are interested in the opportunity to meet Ms. Gigi please contact us immediately! 215-639-3333


Please help stop the cycle. If you see any suspicious activities or suspect animal abuse, do not hesitate to contact your local authorities. Look into donating or volunteering at your local animal shelter or other organizations that work to better the lives of these animals. They need your help, and you can help them by simply being a positive and attentive member in your community! Stay alert, speak up, save a life.


If you would like to contribute to Gigi’s care or to the work of Rescue Purrfect/The Bridge Clinic, click here.  Please share this story so that we can help find Gigi a home!

admin • August 24, 2017

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