Rescue Purrfect

Finding Purrfect Homes For Rescued Felines

Second Chance

Poor Momma Miley and her two newborn babies were set to be put down due to the fact that momma had a severe injury to her neck that was maggot infested, she seemed unapproachable, and  the newborn babies could not survive without her.  The kind citizen that brought her in to the local shelter, but could not keep her, did pledge some money towards her adoption.  Even with that pledge,  no one was coming to save her.  This little family’s chance of survival was looking dim….

Then, Rescue Purrfect came in and saved the day.  The family was picked up and taken to our clinic to be examined by our veterinarians.  Momma Miley’s wounds were treated and the little family went to foster care.  With the love and support of her foster family, Miley and the babies are  doing amazing.  They are friendly, social, and growing stronger each day.  In a few weeks, this amazing little family will be ready for adoption.  Stay tuned on Facebook for updates.


admin • May 3, 2017

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