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Finding Purrfect Homes For Rescued Felines

You call it global warming..

..we call it the never ending kitten season! Kidding aside, with the warmer winter we have been having, Volunteer trappers at Rescue Purrfect have taken it upon themselves to clean up a few areas that have been over looked this past summer. There is an area on street road that we have been monitoring for just about 6 months now, but have not had availability or time, so we jumped at the chance to trap the entire colony this last month.dd cats

This colony was large and very obvious as the cats were not as feral as we normally see. So they sprawled out on the pavement or laid up on the hoods of cars basking in the sun. We reached out to a few other rescues to see if they had any info on anyone who was caring for the cats. Luck would have it we were able to hook up with the regular feeders who were very much happy to help with the process as they had been caring for these guys every single day without any help and fear of what would happen to them over the winter.

While on a mission just to scope the area and plan for trapping the following week, kittens were discovered, so all plans go out the window and we rescued them immediately.

Eclair and Latte both had conjunctivitis as well and pretty severe upper respiratory infections with of course worms and fleas! They were treated and immediately went into foster care for socialization.

dd kittens

Trappers went back out in hopes of catching what was believed to be about 9 cats.They spent the night setting traps and pulling cats one by one.

trapping dd



17 cats later…. Everyone has been trapped, treated for various illnesses and injuries, and spayed/neutered.


Temporary shelters were placed within the brush where they live while they recovered in comfort at The Bridge Clinic.


And who doesn’t love a happy ending?!

Eclair and Latte were only in foster for a short time before they over came their colds and fear of people.

full circle

I don’t think Eclair or Latte could have ever imagined what life could be living with someone who loves them , but they will soon find out. Eclair and Latte will get to spend the rest of their lives together with this amazing family, thanks to the hard work of the Colony care taker, the trappers ( not pictured), the foster mom. Thanks Guys!!!



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